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MONSTER BOARDS In the search for that next level ride, we worked hard to create boards that brings out the best in your riding. Our boards set the standard in performance materials. Whether the waves are small or big, barrels or ramps, it won’t matter, our boards will make it happen for you!


SUPERIOR PP 100% Waterproof (beaded polypropylene) The industry standard for high performance riding, for a surfer looking to ride powerfully in warm water locations. A warm water core that performs at optimal water temperatures between 14-27 degrees Celsius.


BODYBOARD STRINGER PSI technology allows insertion of unique stringer designs at the beginning of the cores construction, rather than drilling into the core post construction, without compromising the core itself. Our stringers design increase effective control for the rider. 1 Standard stringer round carbon fiber The most common configuration, providing additional stiffness to the board.


NXL COMFORT IMPACT SKIN Made for better impact landing protection, comfort and lifetime durability for your board. Our finest grade skins bring the adherence and excellent durability. The lightweight NXL skin finishes with a smooth, flawless feel for added performance without the hassle of rashes when you’re surfing without a wetsuit. The soft positive feel of NXL is the benchmark for performance-based skins.




  • CLIPPED-CRESCENT TAIL A tail more universal good to prone and dropknee, allows a better control of the board in all kinds of waves.

  • MESH A diamond shaped plastic wave, fused in between the boards core and Surlyn to maximize boards life.

  • 55/45 The original rail set-up and standard for riders in powerful surf

  • BODYBOARD NOSE BULBS These small reinforcements on both sides of the nose give you a better grip. You can also add the CROW GRIPS By MONSTER BOARDS for that super grip.

QUALITY TEST. It all starts with quality inspection. Our experienced team monitors all materials to meet our high quality standards before we start producing any of our products. We have a wide variety of testing procedures that ensure that we are using only the best materials required for our products. As soon as production begins, our trained staff follows rigorous quality check ups up to the final packaging processes.